as i pase back and forth, wondering how you are such a bitch.

soo for this post if you do not acquire the ideal knowledge of who i actually am, i strongly recommend you read no further due to pure boredom and/or confusion.

my best friend, well not anymore, is a slut, skank, waste of breath, waste of space (she takes up a lot due to her size), needs to fall off a cliff.. and bring her faggie skinny hipster bitch with her. she is inconsiderate of others, someone who was a strong believer in god and is now just another fellow fat, annoying american who thinks her life is shit when she doesnt get every little thing she wants. even if her wants include continuing to talk to someone who isn’t worth shit. you already have a boyfriend, you don’t need to talk to him. you already fucked up a passed relationship, because you knew all my weaknesses, my secrets, the ways to make me look bad and your ugly ass look better. for the sake of his new girlfriend, who i hated back in the day, but now she seems normal, don’t fuck up her relationship they seem happy, i refuse to talk to him, but on the rare chance i talk to her she seems to be extremely happy. plus bitch you have your own fucking relationship. you got your tiiiny ass white trash twiggy boyfriend to worry about. then again you have him on too tight of a leash to actually let him look at anything but you, then again i guess he doesn’t mind broken bones, cause im assuming thats what happens to his leg whenever you sit on him. you piss me off cause you think you are hot shit. sure, you got a boyfriend you think is dope, but to the all the rest of us, we’re wondering what the fuck you smoked.
its all water under the bridge, but you keep making it flood, get rid of the attitude and grow a heart… as the real you would say, “what would jesus do?” because i aint big on any religion, but jesus was classy.

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